Wednesday, 6 May 2015

21 Day Fix Approved "Buster Bar" Recipe

21 Day Fix Approved "Buster Bar" Recipe

Okay so this is my very first time ever trying out this blogging thing, so please cut me slack I'm no pro!
I totally promised that I could be posting up my new "Healthy Version Buster Bar" recipe that is 21 Day Fix approved!! So here is my attempt at entering this crazy blogging world!

Summer Time is coming and I for one am a HUGE sucker for ice cream, I could seriously come up with any excuse to have it! Like oh its such a hot day - Time for ice cream! Oh its a great day at the lake - time for ice cream! I hate yard work day lets make it more fun with ice cream! (This is also the reason why I gained 60 lbs when I was pregnant.....yeah) Soooo  I really needed a way to come up with a solution that would fit into my meal plan and my new healthy lifestyle and this was my solution.  Frozen chocolaty fudgy topping and cold creamy vanilla middle with peanuts mixed in there too!!  MMMmmm I'm drooling just typing that.  But honestly not all my creations do work out so I was just a little nervous about these guys because I wanted them to work out SO bad! But when these bad boys were ready and came out of the freezer it was like Christmas!! Seriously no one could  believe how good this "healthy treat" really was!

So to start out I just bought a little Popsicle mold you can buy at any store this time of year I think I found mine in the seasonal isle in Walmart.  The ingredients you will need include:
  • Plain Greek Yogurt
  • Vanilla Extract
  • Spanish peanuts (you can use regular if you cant find Spanish just make sure these are UN-salted)
  • Unsweetened Almond Milk
  • Chocolate Shakeology (I will leave a link you can follow to order)
  • Honey
I started by mixing one scoop of chocolate Shakeology with 1/4 cup of almond milk.  This will make a really thick "pancake batter" type of mix and just evenly distribute it  between your 8 Popsicle  molds. I then fill my orange container with peanuts and split between 4 molds and repeat this to fill the other 4. (so I have used 2 orange containers of peanuts) Now it kinda helps if you tap the peanuts into the chocolaty fudge with the end of a wooden spoon just to make you Popsicle more solid.  Once that's done I fill my red container with Greek yogurt and dump it into a clean bowl I mix in 1 1/2 tsp of vanilla extract and 2 tsp of honey and mix it up.  Distribute the Greek yogurt mix evenly among your 8 mold again.  Once again fill two orange containers with peanuts and distribute evenly on top of the yogurt layer. Repeat step one and make another chocolate layer with Shakeology and almond milk to top of your Popsicles. Stick your handles into these and pop into the freezer!! Easy Peasy!! Wait a couple hours before trying to take these out of the molds... I know its hard but trust me it will be worth the wait.  Once they are solid I recommend running a little water over the bottom part of the mold just to make it easier to pop them out.
Hope you guys enjoy! I know I will be making these all summer long!!
If you need to order Shakeology here is my link!



  1. What containers would you count for this?!

  2. What containers would you count for this?!

  3. Looks like it would be 1/2 ❤ 1/2 🍊